Monday, December 12, 2005

Finding the Right Job...

Finding the Right Job is a somewhat time consuming search. There are many different types of jobs at the beach:

1) Restaurant
2) Hotels
3) Beach Jobs
4) Retail

Restaurant Jobs can varying depending on whether they are chains, commercial, or family owned. Chain restaurants include restaurants like McDonalds, Dough Roller, etc. Chain restaurants usually do not pay that much money whether waiting tables or working in the kitchen or as a hostess and demand vigorous work hours. On the contrary, commercial restaurants pay decently; however, the hours are slim to none. Commercial restaurants such as Bull on the Beach, and Higgins tend to over-staff in all departments. Family owned restaurants provide a healthy combination of Commercial and Chain restaurants. You will get adequate hours and exceptional pay at family owned restaurants.

Hotel Jobs are hourly paid jobs, unless of course working in the hotel’s restaurant. Hotel jobs require long shifts with little pay and no incentives. It is usually difficult for college students to work in hotels at the beach due to the fact that all of their friends will be making more than them and putting in half the hours.

Beach Jobs consist of Scopers, Umbrella Attendants, Life Guards, and Ice Cream Truck drivers. These jobs are by far the most fun and exciting jobs at the beach. They pay decent; however, their success depends solely on the number of tourist OC attracts. Beach jobs ensure a large circle of summer friends and exciting fun-filled days.

Retail, like hotel jobs, are time consuming with little perks or benefits. Although the hours are not as extensive, the pay is minimal. However, if you are at the beach just to have fun; working at a surf shop may be just for you. Surf shops are laid back and fun.

It’s time to get started, start applying today!! GOOD LUCK!

When to Start the Search

If you are considering joining the team of "s-locals" that inhabit Ocean City, Maryland throughout the summer, there are some key facts you should consider when finding a place to rent. Now is the time to start searching for condos, houses, trailors, ect. There are 2 simple steps to completing your search efficiently.

1) first and foremost, you should find roommates that you know you can live with. Surpriselying, at the beach, you will find out things about friends that you were unaware of. For these reasons, you should not try to cram too many people in a small house. Furthermore, you should considering living with people who like to party as much as you do and as hard as you do.

2) Consider living near or with guys if you are a group of girls. Many break ins occur throughout the summer, most are harmless; however, the comfort of living with guys will ease your parents as well as you.

3) Considering living in places that are not attached. Condos, for the most part are kept nicer at the beach; however, you might want to consider sacrificing living in a nice place and look at places that are unattached like trailors. I reccommend this due to the overwhelming number of noise violations that are written out to "slocals" every summer.

Now is the time to drive down to OCMD and find the summer home of your dreams!!!

It is next to impossible to find a summer job without a lease in Ocean City.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Up Coming Events

Up coming events in Ocean City, Maryland

November 17-December 29
Mon.-Fri., 4-9 p.m.; Sat. – Sun., 10 a.m.- 10 p.m.
Winter Wonderland @ Carousel Resort Hotel, 118th St. & Coastal Hwy.
Dazzling holiday decorations and indoor ice skating rink open to the public. Admission to the skating rink includes skates.

November 17-January 2
Nightly, 5:30-9:30 p.m.
Winterfest of Lights @ Inlet Lot, Avenues of OC, Northside Park, 127th St.
Dazzling lights on winter nights put you in the holiday spirit. See your favorite summer place dressed in holiday finest. Inlet Lot features the Tunnel of Lights and a nautical theme. Drive the Avenue of Trees along Baltimore Avenue on your way to Northside Park where you can board the Winterfest Tram to get a close look at the magnificent displays. A heated tent at Northside Park houses Santa for a photo, Yukon Cornelius Gift Shop and delicious goodies at Boosters’ hot chocolate stand. Small fee to ride tram.

November 25-December 24
3-11 p.m. Fri.-Sun
Christmas at the Dunes @
Dunes Manor Hotel, 2800 Baltimore Ave.
Every weekend through Christmas see bell ringers, flute players, bagpipers, Santa and his Elf, along with pictures with Santa. Also Shirley Toms on piano.

November 26-December 19
Victorian Christmas in
The charming town of Berlin offers a variety of holiday events throughout the holiday period. Events include parade on December 2 at 7 p.m.; weekend horse and carriage rides, teas, fashion shows, train displays and more!

December 1-January 2
Nightly, 5:30-9:30 p.m.
Winterfest of LightsInlet Lot, Avenues of OC, Northside Park, 127th St.
Dazzling lights on winter nights put you in the holiday spirit. See your favorite summer place dressed in holiday finest. The Inlet Lot features the Tunnel of Lights and a nautical theme. Drive the Avenue of Trees along Baltimore Avenue on your way to Northside Park where you can board the Winterfest Tram to get a close look at the magnificent displays. A heated tent at Northside Park houses Santa for a photo, Yukon Cornelius Gift Shop and delicious goodies at Boosters’ hot chocolate stand. Small fee to ride tram.

December 3 @ 11 a.m.
Ocean City Christmas Parade

100th St to 115th St.
Professionally judged holiday parade features bands, floats, marching units and more. Starts at the
Gold Coast Mall.

December 3 @ 10 a.m.- 4 p.m.
Victorian Christmas Celebration @ Julia A.
Purnell Museum, Snow Hill
Old-fashioned holiday party with Victorian music, decorations and refreshments.

December 3 11 a.m.
Santa’s Open River Run Golf Club
Two-person team golf tournament to benefit Big Brother/Big Sisters of Lower Eastern Shore. Entry fee. John Malinowski, PGA Professional, will be joining this year.

December 7 @ 11 a.m
American Cancer Society Fashion Show & Luncheon @ Convention Center, 40th St. & Bay. An extremely popular annual event.

December 31 @ 7:30 p.m.- 12:15 a.m.
New Year’s Eve Family Celebration @ Convention Center, 40th St. & Bay
Stroll from room to room with family and friends enjoying festive activities including dance and party music, karaoke, carnival games, door prizes, party favors and more.

December 31
New Year’s Eve Townwide
Start the New Year right in your favorite summer place. Many hotels, restaurants and clubs offer special packages and menus for the holiday. New Year’s Eve Bus Rides: Ocean City Transit offers free bus rides from 6 a.m. New Year’s Eve to 6 a.m. New Year’s Day, within the town limits.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Welcome and Greetings from the Mayor

Recently the Mayor of Ocean City, Maryland posted a
welcome note online. The welcome note not only portrays the family orientation of OCMD, but it also provides a brief history of the city and its growth since 1875. I thought that this note may be of interest of prospectives vacationers. The begining of the note says:

"It gives me great pleasure welcoming you to my most favorite place in the world, Ocean City, Maryland. With 10 miles of clean, beautiful beaches and stunning views of both ocean and bay waters, Ocean City awaits your visit to our special family resort....

Ocean City was founded in 1875 as a small fishing village, and over the years, it has made a gradual transformation into one of the most popular vacation destinations on the East Coast and was the recipient in 2001 of the National Civic League’s All-America City Award. Many families have become part of the Ocean City tradition, coming to see us year after year just as their parents and grandparents before, and we welcome them with open arms. As a child, my family brought me to our fine resort, and it was always the highlight of our year. I knew then, Ocean City, Maryland was a very special place as we played on the beach, rode the waves and laughed on the Boardwalk, making memories that have lasted for a lifetime."

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Various Vacationer Groups

College celebraters frequent Ocean City, Md during the last weeks of May (including Memorial Day weekend) into the begining weeks of June. College celebrater are usually successful college students looking for a relaxing week at the beach before they start their internship/job mid-june. These rambuntous students are looking to enjoy a break from all the work and drama involved throughout the school year. They love to frequent the bars/clubs and “pick up” or meet new friends.

High school senior-weekers frequent OCMD the first 3 weeks of June. They often drive down in “herds” with other recent graduates from their high school. They are known to be obnoxious and inapproipiate. The boys are extramelky rowdy. Mardi Gras is the overall theme during their stay.

4th of July routiners are usually wealthy families or a group of successful couples out to have a great time. The cost of hotel rooms and condos are increased during this week due to all of the activities and high demand found throughout the island. Fireworks are a huge event throughout the island the night of the 4th. The entire week consists of relaxatoin with a twist of excitement. Most fourth of July celebrators know how to have a “good time,” therefore the bars are swamped all day and night. The 4th of July routiners vist OCMD during the week that the 4th of July falls. The majoirty of these vacationers are those who work in the corporate or government world because their offices are closed on the Fourth.

Family vacationers visit OCMD start during the week of the Fourth of July and continue steadily until mid-August. These weeks are more family friendly than any other prior weeks. There are plenty of events for children and family specials found throughout the island. Unlike the first half of summer, the second half of summer is more relaxed and family-oriented.

Last but not least is the senior citizens “end-of-summer” shoppers. Without fail, during the last weeks of August into Septermber you can find clearance sales at every shop in OC. Stores begin to close for the year – and re-open in May. They like to get rid of as much inventory as possible before closing down. Styles change monthly – so keeping clothes over the winter months will reduce their value tremendously. Senior citizens, obviously love the bargains as well as the cooler weather. Additionally, senior citizens enjoy the smaller population during these weeks.

Stay Tuned for more information on Ocean City "slocal style"

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Tourist Groups
In the eyes of a "s-local" there are 5 distinct tourist groups that frequent Ocean City throughout the summer during their designated time: college celebraters, high school senior weekers, 4th of July routiners, family vacationers, and last but not least senior-citizen-end-of-summer-dwellers. Each tourist group makes up the prodominant population of the town for 2-4 specfic weeks throughout the summer.Each tourist group brings a different “Feel” to Ocean City. Depending on the “Group” you encounter- your experience in OCMD may be altered. It is important to visit this island during a time period you feel comfortable – especially if you are visiting with a small group of people (compared to a large group when you really don’t find time to socialize with any new people).

Stay Tuned, my next posts will explain in more detail the differences between these visitor groups....

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Midtown Condo Comfort

Believe it or not, the best part about Mid-town is in fact the accommodation arrangements. Mid-town does not have the crowded busy high rises like Up-town nor does it have the chain hotels like down-town. Mid-town is full of condos and simple hotels.

Mid-town is a great place to stay during your visit for the simple fact that during the day you will not have to fight for a spot on the beach like you do both down-town and up-town. The “laidback” comfort of Mid-town beaches attracts vacationers, slocals, and locals.

As you already know from previous posts, Mid-town heats things up with the most incredible bars found in Ocean City. Obviously, the proximity to the best bars is another added feature of downtown - because you will have the capability of walking to these magical bars!

Because there are mainly only condos available in Mid-town, the “white trash” element that tends to develop certain weeks downtown is eliminated. Likewise, the “snobby” element that forms up-town in the high-rises is also abolished.

The most efficient way to book a vacation in a condo located in Mid-town is to personally visit Ocean City during the months of November through March and have a realtor take you to those which are still available for the week you desire. Please keep in mind that not all condos are listed on the internet- which is another reason to personally "pick" out your condo. Realtors are always exciting to show rental properties to potential vacationers – that’s how my family found our “condo.” We have rented a condo, Seal Beach, for the past 10 years. We consider it our second home – and always looking forward to our returns. This would ensure that your vacation is everything you want it to be!

I would recommend anyone who is planning a vacation consisting of relaxation during the day and crazy, unforgettable nights – to say in Mid-town Ocean City.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Additional Mid-town Water Activities

I decided to break up the water activities found in Mid-Town Ocean City so that I can work on the length of my postings (as discussed in class on Monday 10/10) Below is a list of featured businesses and favorite activities.

Action Watersports
Action Watersports supplies everything you need- from safety training and instruction to the largest non-restricted riding area in Ocean City- for an exciting ride. Action Watersports is known for being Ocean City's only nonrestricted riding area. Also there is no Charge for additional riders as well as no hidden costs. Click view a map of Action Watersports.

O.C. Parasail

Relax and enjoy the view of the beauty of Ocean City's skyline while you enjoy the excitement of a parasail ride over the Ocean or Bay.

Bay Sports
Get set for the wildest ride in Ocean City, Maryland. Let 'er rip through Ocean City's bay at speeds up to 45 mph. It just doesn't get any better than this!! Also take advantage of the beach for sunning, picnic tables on beach, proximity to Fish Tales and Bahia Marina while waiting for or watching the wave runners.

Mid-town Water Activities

Mid-town also features the “best of the best” water activities enjoyed on the bay of Ocean City. Of course the main attraction of water activities is FISHING...

Bahia Marina
Bahia Marina is located between 21st and 22nd Streets. Bahia Marina is known as Ocean City's sportfishing headquarters. Featuring Ocean City's largest small boat rental fleet, Bahia Marina carries a large selection of tackle and live, fresh or frozen bait for the bay, surf or offshore fisherman. Bahia Marina also boasts one of the finest offshore charter fishing fleets in Ocean City. You can fish for bluefish, sharks, tuna, dolphin, marlin and more aboard our charter boats ranging in size from 25 to 50 feet. Last but not least, when you're busy fishing day is over, relax in Fish Tales, Bahia Marina's bayside bar and restaurant.
Click here for a map of Bahia Marina.

Convention Hall
The Convention Hall is great for many different activities; however one activity that many people over look is the great crabbing and fair fishing during the high tide. An added feature is of course the free public parking. Likewise the bulkhead and pier behind Convention Hall at 40th Street is free.

Isle of Wight
Another hidden pier can be found accross the Rt. 90 Bridge at 62nd Street going west. At the flashing light in the center of the bridge (across from the Old Medical Center) turn left. You will find a peaceful public area also great for crabbing and light fishing.